10.11.2012 :: 14:53

Holga 120CFN

Kodak Portra 160

6x6 frame mask

An old, professional beer taster's house. Traning, the brewery in Tychy.

27.10.2012 :: 01:15

Holga 120 CFN

Solution VX 200/135/36 (EXPIRED since 04.2011).

It was for about 15 minutes after my final exams.

I'm still child. And I'm scared.

01.10.2012 :: 21:02

Holga 120CFN

Camera with plastic lens

B&W test roll: Ilford XP2 Super 400

6x6 format

I took most of these photos while I was drunk, so I believe there could be nothing more than a bunch of crap. I have no idea what I was thinking, but HEY - it is just fun.

I have learned that:

1.) ISO 400 is way too high for multi exposures in the good light conditions (well, I am still learning).

2.) If you want to buy expensive film roll and then drink a lot all the time.. just don't.

3.) People will never understand why you hold this strange-looking camera in your hands instead of digital one. Don't try to explain.

hey you

waiting for a transport

have no idea

multi action

Iza, the unicorn - we definitively need to repeat this one in a single shoot!

good guy vs. bad guy

pigeons in the puddle

20.09.2012 :: 21:50

Holga 120CFN

Camera with plastic lens

Test roll - Fujifilm Superia Extra 400

6x6 format - twelve square images

Lovely first shoot, double-X

drinking from the sun

The view from my tram stop

White flash, Ania

Red & blue flash, double-X, Sarna

Red flash, Iza

Blue flash, Iza

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